Help for Hurting Women

Am I a Victim of Abuse?

Take this Abuse Test to see if your relationship is an abusive one.

How to Get and Stay Safe

Make a Safety Plan. Print out this plan, fill it out, and keep it with a trusted friend. Make the preparations outlined in the plan.

How to Begin Healing

True healing comes only from God.

We strongly urge you to find a Bible study support group, where you can meet Him, or renew your relationship with Him. A Bible study support group is a safe place, in which it is possible for you to tell what you have never told anyone.

In such a group, you will meet and grow to love other women who are like you and different from you, who understand and share your pain. It is a liberating place, in which you will learn much about yourself and the God who loves you. God will heal your pain, and set you free.

Because please understand that although finding healing for your heart is likely your most deeply felt need, the truest and best treasure you can find is a saving relationship with God.

He is not like the people in your life who have hurt you. Knowing Him brings you up from the pit, from darkness into light, from death to everlasting life. He can give you confidence in the decisions you make, and the ability to set healthy boundaries, and He will show you that you can safely trust Him with your deepest, darkest secrets.

Prince Charming?

Many of us grew up with the fairy-tale images of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella dancing in our heads and hearts. We envisioned our own “Knight in Shining Armor” who would come one day on a white horse, sweep us away, and take us to live “Happily Ever After”.

Some of us grew up in families where a hint of this knightly prince was seen in our daddies. Some of us never saw anything close to that, but still dreamed of a day when our lives would be miraculously transformed, like Cinderella’s, when someday our prince would come.

Then, one day we found our prince, we thought, and married him. But he turned out not to be prince-like at all, and our fairy-tale marriages came crashing down. Our dreams were destroyed and our hearts were broken. Our “knights” had become hurtful men whom we loved, but could not trust.

Were our dreams of a wonderful prince just wishful thinking? Could there ever really be such a man?

Yes. There is someone who can satisfy your every need and your every desire. One who will always be there, and who will never leave you nor forsake you. Nothing and no one can snatch Him away from you. Not drugs, not alcohol, not anger or another woman. He is true and faithful forever, and His name is Jesus Christ. He loves you so much that He died for you. God is the only true and real answer for all your questions, the One who will heal you if you let Him.

Find a Supportive Church

God's people are good at loving, too. If you don't have a church home, read this to help you find one.