What Does Domestic Violence Look Like?

Domestic violence is abusive behavior in which a person demands "Power and Control" over another person. It is a pattern of behavior in which a person uses deception, harassment, humiliation, manipulation or force to gain that power and control.

Four Types of Domestic Violence

  1. Physical: Includes shoving, pushing, choking, restraining, hitting or kicking. It can occur frequently or infrequently, but usually escalates in intensity over time.
  2. Sexual: Any time one partner forces sexual acts which are unwanted or declined by the other partner. This constitutes sexual assault.
  3. Psychological: Includes isolation from family and friends, financial dependence, verbal, emotional, or spiritual abuse, threats, intimidation, stalking, and control over where the partner goes or what they do.
  4. Attacks against property and/or pets: Destruction of or threatening destruction of property, which may include pets, household objects, or the house itself (hitting walls, etc).

Facts About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is NOT a marital conflict, a lovers' quarrel, or a private family matter, and sexual assault is not about sex. It is about power and control over another person, whether that person is a child or an adult.

Women suffering in domestic violence relationships usually leave eight times, returning to the home each time, before they finally leave for good.

A woman and her children are in much more danger from their abuser AFTER they leave the home.

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